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Sunday, 6 January 2013

a fresh start

So here it is a fresh new start. 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone enjoys it. New ideas fuzzing around in our  minds. At the moment I'm just commenting on peoples blogs. My Mummy's blog is doing a 4 Happy Things
swap. You might of heard of it you might of not. Well how it works is you sign in saying I would like to do it
then she's going to put up a list who your swapping with, then you make something for that person. I'm doing it.
Her blog name is Bobo Bun.


  1. Gosh!What stylish girls! Looking forward to seeing your ideas in future posts! best wishes, Mari

  2. Hello little bun- thank you for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment....how exciting you have spread your bunny ears and branched out to a blog of your own.........brilliant! Happy new year to you x

    1. I Followed in my Mummy's footsteps.

  3. Happy New Year Little Bun. Hope you have lots of fun with your family. Have you been doing some making with your new sewing machine? Karen x

    1. yes I have been using my sewing machine. It's great.
      At the moment I'm trying to get straight lines.

      Happy 2013 all:.)

      Little bun x

  4. Have a very happy 2013 Little Bun! :) x


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