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Thursday, 1 November 2012

little miss crafty

At the moment I'm learning how to use a sewing machine. I've started some bunting,but never got to finish it.
By the by happy Halloween to the people who celebrated it yesterday,my family and I all had a party at our home. Oh about the making and sewing I can sew quite a few things like a little felt bunny,embroidered tissues with peoples names on,a handy pouch and finally I like to decorate old book/notebook covers.
One day I maybe might start selling them if you like the sound of them contact me.

Look there's the template of my bunny design.


  1. Hello little bun :) how fab is your blog x looking forward to seeing your makes and stories x x x x have fun
    Jane x x x

  2. Hello Little Bun, lovely to read you blog! My eldest daughter asked me about setting one up the other day and I think it's brilliant that you're enthused to do so. I shall have to show her yours. Did you see the story on the news a while ago about the girl who wrote a school dinner blog?
    Keep on writing

  3. Hello Little Bun, I love books and daydreaming too. It would be lovely to read one of your stories. Karen X

  4. Hi Little Bun, your blog is wonderful and you are very lucky to have a clever mummy to help you. I have a new blog also but am struggling to do it by myself as I am not as computer literate as you. I read your Mum's blog as I find it very inspiring.
    Keep on blogging
    Geraldine x

  5. Hello Little Bun ... you are clever setting up your own blog ... it's lovely by the way ... and the beginnings of your felt bunny are very cute ... I love bunnies too ... your mum has a very lovely blog and it seems you will be follwing in her footsteps ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

  6. Hello little bun. Your blog is very cheerful and bright, and I look forward to seeing your makes, you may inspire my daughter! I read your mums blog too.Flissx

  7. Hello little Bun, gosh you are so bright to set up your very own blog. I love the name you have chosen too. I shall look forward to reading one of your stories soon xox Penelope

  8. Hello little bun, it's great you have a blog. I would love to read your stories and can't wait to see how your bunny takes shape. Sarah x

  9. Well hello Little Bun, nice to meet you, I've heard a lot about you over the years! Well done on starting your blog, you will get lots of inspiration in Blog Land, but I know you have your own inspiration at home with your Crafty Mum! :)


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